Dissolved Air Flotation Corporation (DAF Corp)

FC Maximizer

Water Treatment
from the FC Maximizer
creates the cleanest water
possible for many industries.Learn More
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Water Treatment from the
RC Unimax creates the
cleanest water possible for
many industries. So clean, in fact,
that companies recycle it in
closed loops systems.Learn More
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Absolutely the best system
offered in the market place. Creates
consistent size micron bubbles with no coarse
air bubbles. It uses only one third the required motor hp compared to other systems.
Learn More

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Dissolved Air Floatation Corporation

DAF Corp. is a bioscience green water treatment equipment company that meets your DAF clarifier needs. We offer new and retro-fit installations on DAF Clarifiers.

DAF Corp. is a company with experience and a proven record of reliability for DAF Clarifiers. DAF Corp. designs and manufactures a complete line of dissolved air flotation clarifier systems.

Each industry generates a characteristic wastewater and each has unique treatment problems.Considerable study and supporting information must be analyzed before deriving the best solution to any wastewater treatment problem.To identify and eliminate would-be difficulties, a comprehensive wastewater study is often warranted. This is an up-front cost that must be recognized in order to manage all potential scenarios and to minimize future costs.

Dissolved Oxygen Generators for Oxidation


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Industries Served

Municipal Water & Wastewater
Potato Processing
Vegetable Oil Processing
Fish Processing
Meat Processing and Packing
Slaughter Houses
Rendering Plants
Soap Industry
Car Wash Operation
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Primary Clarification
Secondary Clarification
Water Recycling Phosphorus Removal
Paper Fiber Recovery
Agricultures Run off
Starch Removal
Textile Effluent
Ballast Water
Heavy Metal Removal
Sludge Thickening
Turbidity Color
Algae Bloom Control
Crytosporidium Removal in Potable Water
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DAF CORPORATION | Telephone: (920) 766-6052 | Facsimile: (920) 766-6054 | E-mail: sales@dafcorp.com
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