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What is a Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier?

Dissolved air flotation (DAF) clarifiers remove suspended solids from water.They are a cost-effective alternative to conventional sedimentation clarification processes.

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The advantages of DAF clarifiers are their ability to treat a wide range of suspended solids in water at a high rate of solids removal and for wastewater sludge thickening. Millions of micron sized air bubbles in the DAF thickener float solids to the tank surface, forming a concentrated sludge blanket.   A scoop removes the thickened sludge.

Empty circular DAF clarifier. Note the shallow tank and all wetted parts are stainless steel construction. The top bridge rotates around the tank rim once every three minutes or less. Normal tank water depth is 18". Normal rise rate of suspended solids is 10" to 12" per minute.

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Dissolved air flotation clarifiers operate effectively over a wide range of hydraulic and solids loading.

DAF Corporation's FC-Maximizer clarifiers can be used for treatment of reservoirs, potable water treatment, water reclamation, screening, sludge thickening and treatment of industrial and municipal wastewaters.

Circular dissolved air flotation clarifiers in operation. Note the floated sludge being removed by gently scooping it off the surface of the water. Also, note the difference between the sludge mat in the tank and clarified water in the central part of the clarifier.

DAF Corp offers two cost effective DAF clarifier designs...

1 - FC Maximizer - Our flagship design is a static concept, circular clarifier available in 19 different sizes to process influent flows of 10 to 11,000 gpm.

2 - RC UniMax - is a rectangular clarifier design available in custom built sizes to handle flows ranging from 20 to 1000 gpm.

DAF Corp offers a full line of industrial wastewater treatment support components to a DAF clarifier that compliment the FC Maximizer and RC UniMax clarifiers. These components include equilization tanks, oil-water separators, mixing tanks, tube bundles and polymer feed systems. Click here to find out more about our products.

Our knowledgeable, skilled employees are ready to help you in your quest for cleaner water.

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Technology:

Each industry generates different types and characteristic wastewater. Each has unique treatment problems. Considerable study and supporting information must be analyzed before deriving the best solution to any wastewater treatment problem. To identify and eliminate would-be difficulties, a comprehensive wastewater study is often warranted. This is an up-front cost that must be recognized in order to manage all potential scenarios and to minimize future costs. DAF Corporation offers these services.Dissolved air flotation (DAF) or micro bubble flotation technology is an effective, economical process for treating wastewater. A DAF clarification system is comprised of three basic components: 1) process equipment, 2) chemical conditioning, and 3) the dissolved air or micro bubble process. Each component is crucial to the operation of a DAF clarification system.

A dissolved air flotation (DAF) clarifier separates suspended solids in wastewater. DAF clarifiers can be round or rectangular tanks. All DAF clarifiers have some internal mechanical components intended to speed up the removal of the suspended solids in the wastewater. Dissolved air flotation technology compared to sedimentation clarification technology, is much more cost effective, lower engineering design costs; lower installation cost; one-third the process time; and overall just a more effective technology. DAF clarifiers are excellent for removing fine suspended solids and for cleaning up water clarity problems. DAF clarified water is excellent for recycling, or for discharging to the city sewer system. It is important to understand DAF clarifiers need to receive wastewater with a relatively consistent flow and a stable wastewater loading. It is essential that upstream wastewater mixtures be monitored, controlled and analyzed daily before entering a DAF clarifier. From experience we have seen some customers’ wastewater change drastically within hours, because of different types of wastes dumped into U drains that were not accounted for. There may be a need for rotating screens or equalization tanks ahead of the DAF clarifier. Pre-screening is used to remove large solids before the influent wastewater is pumped into an equalization tank. If an equalization tank is utilized, it should be equipped with some type of mixer and a cone bottom to aid in settling of the heavy, non-floatable solids. Coagulation mixing tanks and tube bundles are also common equipment ahead of DAF clarifiers. If coagulating and flocculating chemicals are added to the influent, they need mixing and retention time. Extreme ups and downs in water temperature and pH can also impact performance of a DAF clarifier. With an oily waste in the wastewater an oil-water separator may be needed ahead of the DAF EQ tank. Pipe sizing needs to be engineered correctly. Optimum DAF performance and chemical cost savings will be achieved when all necessary DAF auxiliary equipment is engineered and field piped properly. A well designed DAF treatment system will lead to lower capital costs and a small plant foot print.

If you have any questions or a possible need call DAF Corporation at 920-766-6052 USA

Chemical Conditioning for DAF Clarifiers:Chemical conditioning and additions are not always needed with DAF clarifiers. When used, chemical conditioning promotes the removal of suspended solids from the wastewater. Innovation and expertise are guaranteed by a close collaboration with all customers by DAF Corporation. Customers have the opportunity to utilize our DAF water clarification lab resources located in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, USA. Customer wastewater samples are sent to our lab and analyzed. Our lab jar tests identify the most cost effective coagulant/flocculant chemical program or that no chemical additions are needed. There are several approaches available for conditioning wastewater. DAF technology may not be the most efficient and cost-effective treatment technology. A lab test study will determine if the DAF process is right for your application. DAF wastewater lab tests also tell us the proper chemical treatment, proper mixing times, along with a good understanding of how and where to locate the chemical injection points in the piping system ahead of the DAF clarifier. Lab studies identify approximate operating costs and wastewater cost savings. All this information is very valuable and the cost money to accumulate. DAF Corporation for a small fee can help you if you have a need.

For more information call DAF Corporation at 920-766-6052 USA

The DAF - Air dissolving tube (AMT) - A Micro Bubble Generator Wastewater influent enters the DAF clarifier mixed with fine micron bubbles. To attain a high solids removal rate, it is important to have excellent and abundant fine micron bubbles all equal in size and to have minimized all water turbulence in the DAF clarifier tank. A key factor for maximizing the efficiencies of the DAF clarifier is the generation of all equally sized micro bubbles with no coarse air bubbles. Equal size fine bubbles, 20 to 50 micron size will give the suspended solids an equal and steady rise rate of 10 to 12 inches per minute to the tank surface. Large bubbles, also called coarse air bubbles, coalesce with small bubbles, making even larger bubbles. This bubbles will race upward and percolate to the tank surface. Large bubbles lower performance efficiencies by more than 50%. There is no better air dissolving system that we know of in the world for generating billions of cost efficient, all equal in size micron bubbles with no coarse air bubbles than our DAF Air Mixing Tube (The AMT). Our AMT tube uses a small amount of returned clarified water from the DAF clarifier. A small recycle pump pumps this clarified water thru our air dissolving tube. Our AMT pressurizes it and saturates it with a small amount of compressed air at approximately 80 psig. The AMT piping system returns this water to the DAF clarifier as pressurized water saturated with dissolved air. In a plastic pipe it is totally clear looking water. When it passes thru a special designed pressure expansion release valve, it is released into the tank where it comes back into contact with normal atmospheric pressure. Fine micron bubbles spontaneously boil out of the recycled water solution. All these billions of equal size fine micron bubbles attach themselves to the suspended water particles in the wastewater causing them to rise and float to the tank surface. These fine particles form a firm surface sludge mat. The amount of clarified recycle water returned to the AMT varies with each application. DAF clarifier capacities are based on flows and loadings of total TSS in the wastewater to the DAF clarifier. One major difference of our AMT from all others is it produces consistently all equal size air with no coarse air bubbles, while it utilizes only one-third the electrical motor pump hp, compared to a cavitating atmospheric pump.

We have learned from retro fitting old DAF competitors’ clarifier systems, DAF Corporation’s DAF AMT air dissolving tube will increase any old DAF clarifier efficiency by more than 50%, if hydraulicly the existing clarifier piping system will handle this increase in flow. DAF Corporation has many retrofits installations that paid back their installing costs within months of their installation. We know of no other dissolved air system that can meet our AMT performance bench marks. If you need a dissolved air (AMT) system upgrade or replacement of your old DAF clarifier, give us a call.

Dissolved Air Flotation technology may be utilized cost effectively for the following applications:Phosphorus removal; paper fiber recovery; chemical; pharmaceutical; refineries; breweries; dairies; oil and gas; agricultures run off; food; bakeries; poultry; fish processing; meat processing and meat packing; rendering plants; slaughter houses; potato processing; vegetable oil processing; canning water; soap industry; starch removal; laundries; textile effluent; ballast water; car wash operation; heavy metal removal; sludge thickening; membrane system pre-treatment; primary clarification; secondary clarification; water recycling; turbidity color; algae bloom control; and crytosporidium removal in potable water.

Fine Micro Bubble Generators, Manufacturer of 14 different individual sizes,
3 GPM up to 3,000 GPM.
DAF Corporation making business' and communities' water cleaner.

The best Micro Bubble Generator in the industry is now even better. It is called the AMT OPTIMIZER. Check us out. DAF Corporation's innovative, unique, proprietary system can statistically prove its production of micro bubbles are more abundant. Our AMT Optimizer produces all equal sized micro bubbles in water 20 to 40 microns in size consistently 24/7, 365 days a year with a rise rate is 8" to 12" per minute. It consumes 1/3 less electric motor HP than others use. Its pressure pump can be ordered single phase 220 or 3-phase 440/480. It can be manually adjusted to produce ultra fine), equally sized bubbles. Most bubble generators produce a combination of large and small sized bubbles, our AMT Optimizer does not. Large and small bubbles coalesce in water, thus producing a percolating surface. It is paramount for uniform size micro bubbles for particulate floating buoyancy. Your results will be less polymer usage, increased analytical and skimming float volume.

If you are interested in saving money clarifying your waste water a new AMT Optimizer is the best value for your dollar. The optimizer is absolutely perfect for new or retro-fit applications such as flotation clarifiers, API separators, save-alls, treating frack drilling water, sludge thickeners, aeration ponds, odor control problems, oxygen depleted ponds, etc.

We have a number of different sized micro bubble generator demos for lease or trial that can be field retro-fitted to your system.

Request a demo at your plant. Stay ahead of the cost curve, our patent pending design will save you big dollars.

●Field proven design. Over 20 years of continuous innovation designs changes.
●Most economical operating micro bubble generator in the market place.
●Operates at 1/3 electrical HP compared to others.
●It can be retro-fitted.
●All wetted parts 304 SS
●One year unlimited warranty.
●Fabricated to ASME Standards
●Unprecedented Quality & Workmanship
●Eliminates costly polymer usage.
●User friendly
●Utilizes a very small amount of compressed air.
●Ideally situated for oil and grease floatation
●Easy to operate
●Full service operations manual and training
●Made in the U.S.A.

Manufactured in 14 different sizes – 16 GPM up to 2400 GPM

Above are a few examples of our unmatched
patent pending Optimizer Micro Bubble Generator Skid Mounts.

We have set the standard for worldwide performance of micro bubble generator innovation and technology.

Help us insure your success.

Email sales@dafcorp.com or
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